This policy governs use of Concepts Pro Edition. The Concepts Classroom Edition policy is separate.

Concepts Pro Edition: Privacy Policy

TopHatch Inc is the company that designs and develops Concepts: Smarter Sketching for iPad and iPhone. It is based in the US, and has employees in the US and Finland.

Concepts is a powerful sketching and design application for Apple's iPad and iPhone. Your drawings are saved to your device, and these drawings are not sent or visible to TopHatch during normal usage. The rest of the document talks about the specific information that we do have access to and why.

Your Privacy

We value your privacy and the privacy of your data. We want to clearly set out what data we have access to through your usage of Concepts, and how we protect that data. If you have any questions please contact us.

Usage Tracking

We track general usage of Concepts to help us make the product better. This tracking is anonymous, so we can't tell which individual user did what. It is also high level so we cannot “see” what you are drawing. For example, we track which brush is selected for a stroke which allows us to know which brushes are the most popular. We use a third party service called Flurry to capture this data. Flurry is a Yahoo company, their privacy policy can be found here:

Crash Reporting

To ensure a high quality, error free experience, we automatically capture anonymous crash data via the popular Crashlytics service. Crashlytics' privacy policy can be found here: You may opt to send us the drawing that caused the crash, which we will keep confidential and only use to determine the cause of the crash and the associated fix.


In order to support our users we use a 3rd party support system provided by HelpShift. You are not required to provide an email address to access support. If you do supply an email address, then we will only use this email address for discussing the issue you have contacted us about. The HelpShift privacy policy can be found here:

Exported Drawings

Some of the Export features in our application - specifically the “Share Drawing”, export as CPT and “Pinterest” options - require sending the exported drawing to our servers. These links are public, and anyone with the access URL can view or download your image. We do not publicize or catalog those images for others to see. If you have set an email address on your profile then this email address will be sent with the drawing to our server, but will not be visible to anyone outside of TopHatch. After seven (7) days we will delete the images from our servers, and the link will stop working. We reserve the right to monitor content posted through this service and to remove content that is illegal, offensive, inappropriate or infringes copyright.

Your Email Address

We will never sell your email address. We will only share your email with 3rd parties as needed to deliver the services described in this privacy policy.

We do not have access to your email address unless you choose to share it with us. If you do share it with us, we do not connect it to the anonymous usage tracking described in a previous section. We use MailChimp to manage our email lists. If you share your email with us for product updates then we will only use your email address for sending news about Concepts. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of each email.

If you enter your email address in your user profile, then we will use Gravatar's service to check if an image is available for the supplied email address. The privacy policy for the Gravatar service can be found here:

Location Services

You can choose to allow Concepts to access your current location and record it to the specific drawing. We do not store any secondary information like coordinate data, and we do not send location information with our anonymous usage tracking or anywhere else.

Advertising Identifier

We use Apple's Advertising Identifier so that we can measure the effectiveness of the online advertising campaigns that we run. To disable use of this identifier go to the Settings App > Privacy > Advertising and select “Limit ad tracking”.

Last Updated: 12 Jan 2016