What is Concepts?

Concepts is visual thinking; drawing reimagined for today. It combines the freedom and feel of artistic sketching with the precision, clarity, and usefulness of CAD. It's the smartest sketchbook, ever.

Cavemen used ashes. Renaissance men used pigment.
We use Math so your thoughts are manipulable for the future.

What's the Story?

Concepts started as a simple passion project. The vision? Make it easier to design and build cool things.

Over the past three years, Concepts has transformed into a full-fledged obsession for our ardent team of six. We are designers + makers. Creating is our lifeblood. And this product is our art.

Who is TopHatch?

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...the first app I've found that makes the iPad feel more like a tool and less like a toy. @redoz
This has the potential to be the ultimate design tool - the freedom to sketch with the power of vector manipulation. John
So much power with a simple, stylish interface. A tool for makers to design and build their dreams. Dave
This is the future in design. Grim

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