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MakerFaire Bay Area 2014

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Concepts had a great time at MakerFaire this weekend! We met literally thousands of talented and passionate people, and we’re so grateful to have been a part of the “Largest Show-and-Tell on Earth”!

We showed up with two intentions: 1) Teach people about design sketching, and 2) show off our latest innovations for digital, mobile sketching.

I think we actually learned more about sketching than we taught. Designers from Autodesk, Apple, IDEO, Facebook, Adobe, and many other top-tier organizations came by and gave us incredible feedback and validation.

Our four industrial designers - Claudine Zafra, Raymond Chen, Jarron Lisle, and Taylor Lane were absolutely invaluable. They sketched for 12 hours straight with both Concepts and COPIC Markers, produced amazing designs, tirelessly answered questions, taught the basics of design sketching to kids of all ages, and maintained such great attitudes that we didn’t want the weekend to end.

Ray Chen MakerFaire Concepts App

We took the opportunity to demo (over 1000 times!) our latest advancements (coming soon) to digital sketching. If you missed it, here’s a quick overview:

We started with a few usability improvements. You now have one-touch access to your favorite pens, colors, and precision tools. No more swiping.

Then we added Measurement. Every line you sketch is backed by Maths (as the Brits say), which you can see live, while you’re drawing and after-the-fact.

Claudine Zafra MakerFaire Concepts App

It didn’t seem right to show numbers without being able to edit them. So we made all the numbers editable, and anything you change will be applied to the stroke in real-time. Want a circle with a radius of 47? Done. Or maybe a line that’s exactly 200mm long? No problem. It’s like CAD, only more friendly.

But what good is CAD data without a CAD format? Concepts can now export in DXF, a standard CAD format created by Autodesk - makers of AutoCAD - and used in nearly every CAD program worth its salt.

What does this mean? You can now hand-sketch a CAD drawing, on your iPad. Design creatively, accurately, affordably, and mobile-y, then send your sketches in usable formats to your engineering team or straight to your laser/water/vinyl cutter and make something amazing.

It’s all part of our mission to Make Design Personal. Big thanks to MakerFaire, COPIC Marker, our incredible designers, and you for helping to make this happen!

Look for the new version soon!

Ben & David

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