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Kickstarter Love: Carvey the 3D Carver

2014-10-24T16:30:57+03:00 | Loading Comments | Permalink

You can't always get by with a rusty hammer. Good tools are a Maker's dream, and we've found one that places the myth of creating straight into your hands... or your desk. Take a look at this new Kickstarter campaign, a 3-axis CNC mill (or 3D carver) called the Carvey.

The beautiful thing: you can pair Concepts with your Carvey. Since Concepts allows you to draw to specific measurements and save it as a CAD or SVG file, you can design your dream in Concepts and pair it with the 3D carver to make your final product. We still love the hammer, but imagine how simple it's becoming to make the future.

Back the Carvey on Kickstarter and get to Making.

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