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Saint Louis Zoo Café

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They say a tool is only as good as what you create with it.
Here's a taste of what you can do with Concepts: Smarter Sketching.

Cafe Design and Illustration by Architect and Artist, Evan Ari Bronstein AIA, LEED GA.

Architect/Artist Evan Bronstein wrapped up this design for the Saint Louis Zoo just last week, which will appear in their signage announcing the closure of the café during the construction period.

One of the amazing things about the iPad is how much you can accomplish when you leverage the entire app ecosystem. Concepts makes it easy to interact with other apps, and lets you work the way you want to. In this design, Evan used Concepts for the line work, then leveraged the new transparent background option and "Open In..." dialog to add color and finishing touches with Procreate, another world-class app. The entire design was done on the iPad.

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UPDATE! The zoo has put the sign up!

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