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Merry Concepts 3.1 Update!

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Our holiday gift to you, a pretty package of intelligence to make your drawing process quicker and more accurate!

We call the first part Snap-to Sketching. Part of Precision Mode, it’s like “auto-complete” for your strokes. Its job is to get rid of “fat-fingeredness” by anticipating your intended start and end points, so that every stroke can connect as exactly as if you were using a pencil. It’s sweet and unobtrusive.

Concepts 3.1 Snap-to Sketching

Our Fluid Ink Engine is the best-in-class for responsiveness and accuracy, but if you're trying to be careful while drawing, your freehand strokes can look a bit wobbly. So we've created a nifty new Smoothing slider to help polish up your lines. Tap-and-hold to grab a stroke or two, then choose after-the-fact how you want each line to appear.

Concepts 3.1 Smoothing Adjustments

You can see both of them at work in our first official training video! Since everyone works through ideas a bit differently, we're showing you four different ways you can approach one little sketch.

Try them out for yourself and let us know what you think! As always, our updates are about your ideas, and the truly magnificent things they can accomplish.

Happy holidays from the Concepts Team!

P.S. We’ve been busy… these are not our only updates. See the App Store "What's New" text for more details.

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