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Concepts 2.3: Infinite Freedom

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Weather notwithstanding, it’s springtime in the north, which brings the arrival of lots of new life. We’re proud to announce the hatching of over 100 new features, tweaks, and fixes that make your creative experience as free as the birds.

Concepts 2.3 Infinite Canvas Vector Export

Infinite Canvas. Our most requested feature. Why limit yourself to a single sheet of paper? Or even a stack? Your ideas, like your mind, can now roam free. Create mind-maps, draw scale buildings, cartography, roller coasters… we’re pretty sure you can design just about anything. We can’t wait to see what you do with it!

High-Res & Vector Export. Send your designs almost anywhere in 300dpi+ lossless PNG for great looking prints, or in vector-based standard SVG which gives you complete freedom over every single data point. Imagine sketching a quick part for a new machine or a t-shirt design, tweaking it with our Adjust tools, then sending it right to your local print / CNC shop for rapid prototyping. All from your iPad. It’s never been done, but you can be the first.

Instant Loading. Following our pattern of performance excellence and the most responsive ink for iPad, we’re happy to announce there’s no longer any waiting for your drawings to load. Now operating at the speed of thought.

Improved Instructions. We included some nice, big animations that make learning a lot easier. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a moving picture? Well… see what you think.

Free Stuff. You’ve probably already paid for brushes, paper types and other old purchases you won’t need now that you’re using Concepts. So in the spirit of Freedom, we’d like to give you all our pens, the pencil, airbrush, and marker tools for free. Same for our paper backgrounds and grid types. And for you existing Pro users, we hope you think free high-res and vector exports for your professional projects are a worthwhile upgrade. :)

Extras. AirPrint Support. Pin to Pinterest. Copy/Paste to Clipboard. Send Share Links. Major Battery Life Savings. New Lightweight Paper Type. Angle-Tool Angle Readouts. Zoom Steps. Canvas Rotation. Real-Scale Paper Size Guides (A4, 11x17, 1080p, etc).

We really hope you enjoy our updates. We have a lot more to give. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest for sneak peeks, drawing tips, and other stories we love!

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