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Concepts 2.2: Stylus Support, Movable Images, and More!

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We wanted to wrap up the year with a bow, and give it to you. Apparently bows don't come that big. So the next best thing was to cross off a few more items from your wish list.

  • Added support for the Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus, the Adonit Jot series, and the Pogo Connect. It’s a fantastic feeling to be able to control the weight of your lines with pressure on a screen! If you don’t have one of these styli, consider spoiling yourself.

  • Now that the Strokes panel exists to organize your project and give fine-grained control over strokes and text, it's the perfect time to add support for Multiple (Movable) Images. Create artboards and collections, add silhouettes over sketches, dial down opacity and trace over the top, or leverage Stroke Groups to mask and manipulate to your heart’s content.
  • The Dot Grid, Graph Papers, and Isometric Grid now scale when you zoom so you don’t lose your reference while doing detail work. What's more, each grid has its very own Snap-To system!
  • Touch-and-hold any Stroke, Image, or Text to instantly select it. This is super powerful, as you can draw a stroke and then fine-tune it without leaving your creative flow.
  • Adjust your Opacity from the Tools menu!
  • We added pull tabs to the toolbar so it’s easier to grab.
  • Fixed a few crashes and usability issues. Thanks for the tips!

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Happy Holidays from Ben & David @ TopHatch!

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