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Concepts 2.2.1: HEX3 JaJa, Stroke Locking, Bug Fixes

2014-01-14T12:01:57+03:00 | Loading Comments | Permalink

Thanks to all of your feedback, we've fixed a number of things.

  • Added HEX3 JaJa stylus support. The HEX3 JaJa is a precision stylus that uses high frequency sound waves rather than Bluetooth, which makes it compatible with all iPads - including the iPad 1. This wraps up integration of all top four pressure-sensitive styli.
  • Added a specific Background Image Layer that’s not affected by top-level eraser strokes. This will make tracing and overlays easier to work with.
  • Several fixes for the Adonit Jot Script stylus, including the zig-zag effect and general handwriting updates.
  • Improved touch handling for all of the stylus types.
  • If you leave the app while editing a drawing, that drawing will auto-load the next time you come back.
  • Switched the direction of the swipe in the Strokes menu (now left to right), and removed the requirement of tapping to select first.
  • Various stability improvements

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