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Concepts 2.1: Meet Strokes, the layer system that tampers with time.

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Layers have become liquid. Move and rotate, hide and reorder, copy and delete any stroke, at any time. Lengthen or shorten a line without changing its width... or change everything after its drawn, even pen type, color, and opacity. Strokes is as fluid as your thoughts.

Not only can you edit every stroke, you can edit multiple strokes at once. Since working with thousands of strokes can be intimidating, we intelligently create “Stroke Groups”. Move, edit, add or mask groups like they're layers.  Only they aren't, they're better.

Of course, we didn't stop there...

  • After your initial load of each drawing, drawing load time is cut by 50%! That's HUGE when you're trying to get something done.
  • Precision Mode can now be enabled/disabled with a simple two-finger tap. So you can get more from your workflow.
  • We added a really tiny delay to the handles of the Shape Guides, so you hopefully don’t move them by accident. If you do still manage to move them, undo now supports shape and guide changes.
  • We added a tiny instruction video to help out with Precision Mode. Because sometimes words don't do justice. Especially for us visual thinkers.
  • We fixed every known crash condition.

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