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Concepts 2.0 - Stacks, Snap-To, New Look, & More

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After an incredibly quick 24 hour review cycle from Apple (thanks!), we're proud to announce the arrival of Concepts 2.0.

iOS7 sports a brand new look, so we’ve taken the opportunity to craft our own with cleaner lines, brighter colors, and more drawing space. Interactions are the same, but we've tweaked the menus a bit - try swiping the toolbar buttons to expose new menus for file options, erasing, precision mode, etc.

The number one requested feature - Snap-To Layout - is here! Integrated into Precision Mode, Snap-To works with Shape Guides, Reference Guides, and Text Labels. It’s clean, instant, and free!

Organize your sketches into Stacks! Touch and hold any sketch to pick it up and drop it where you like - with full multi-touch support. Swipe up and down to flip through your sketches. Rearrange your stacks with two fingers.

Precision Shape Guides have become even better with the addition of Move, Scale, and Rotate. Now reuse the same shape over and over by dragging it into place, or simply scale and rotate with standard pinch/spread gestures.

We've also included the oft-requested Straight Line tool that stretches from edge to edge - perfect for perspective, construction lines, etc.

We've added two more paper types - Transparent and Isometric. Use Transparent for exporting to other apps, or Isometric for piping design, exploded views, product sketches, and more.

The full release notes are available in the iTunes store.

Download Now, and tell us how we're doing!

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