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Concepts 3.2: Brand New Experience

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Brand New UI

The beautiful thing about design is that it's always evolving. Today we take another step forward with an overhaul of the drawing interface. We aim for simplicity and function, together, in a way that feels natural and subdued so you can focus and accomplish more. It's a step in our larger goal to replace clunky desktop software with intuitive mobile goodness. We're on the right track.

The first thing we did was throw out the Pen configuration screen. We upped the favorite tool count to five, added fully adjustable brush sizes, and got rid of the extra Precision Mode and Adjust menus. We hope it will feel so natural you won't notice it at all.

The COPIC color wheel deserves some attention — it now appears in the context of your drawing in all its bright shiny glory.

Big thanks to Nic Squirrell for the illustration!

There's a new contextual settings menu we dubbed the HUD (Heads Up Display) that carries the settings you want close but out of the way. Swipe right to hide.

You can check out the App Preview here:

Other New Features

If you hand off your iPad a lot, you'll be excited about View Only Mode, which can be enabled / disabled by tapping your active pen tool (toggling it off).

The Gallery got a few tiny updates. We now display the creation and modified dates (tap to toggle), and we also show the author (you, presumably), and the location a drawing was created in. Tap either to override them with something custom -- useful for recording a job site or event for later reference. To enable automatic location recording, tap the crosshairs when editing.

Custom Background Colors can be set in the Settings panel under Paper Type.

Custom Brush Sizes! We mentioned it already, but think it deserves a bit more time in the light. Tap-and-hold the size button to set a custom entry, or just drag it to use the quick slider.

Selection is faster and easier to use. Now when you tap-and-hold near multiple items, your options are more clearly defined by the tool and color they were created with. And there's a dedicated selection tool if you want it, put it in one of the 5 slots for tools and when activated there's no more tap-and-hold.

Bug Fixes! Big thanks to Adobe for patching up the PSD exports. The Wacom Stylus SDK has also been updated for reliability. And many many other improvements thanks to your feedback and our awesome Beta testing team. Oh and we got rid of yards...who needs them, apparently you don't, so we don't either.

Ponoko: The World’s Easiest Making System

We're project people. We love making stuff. So we teamed up with Ponoko: the World’s Easiest Making System to make laser cutting things faster than ever. Look in the Settings→Paper Size menu to use Ponoko's ready-made laser templates, choose the Wire pen at the lowest size, and export your drawing to SVG. Ponoko gives instant, free quotes when you upload your drawing (usually just a few dollars for small parts), and those beautiful custom laser-cut parts will be with you in days. Ahhh, technology. Let us know what you build!

See the full guide here.

Better Help

Speaking of guides, we improved our step-by-step training, rewrote the Manual and made a PDF version, and updated our in-app chat service so you can send screenshots. If you have a question, ask away! Coming soon: more videos and step-by-step guides.

Not bad for a tiny, bootstrapped team, huh? It would really help us out if you left a nice review in the App Store. It helps new people find us, and gives us moral support, too!

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