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The holidays are a magical time, filled with wonder and surprise. It's also a time of reflection. We tasted a bit of each this week as we were wrapping up our Holiday gifts to you - coming soon in the form of version 2.2.

What was our surprise?

Apple selected Concepts for Best of 2013, Smart Productivity in 12 countries!

We're incredibly honored, and humbled. Out of nearly half a million apps, Concepts made the cut.

It really has been an incredible year. It started with little more than a prototype, and has progressed through the feedback of thousands of incredibly talented, creative individuals who want a better way to create. Concepts is your tool for making Stuff. Real Stuff. Stuffed animals, stained-glass windows, blankets and costumes, houses and furniture and yachts, movie sequences and sculptures. It's breathtaking, what you're capable of.

Concepts is still rapidly evolving, and the next year will bring a level of intelligence and capability you've never seen in a mobile app. It'll inspire. It'll adapt. It'll magnify your creative ability. We can't wait to get it in your hands and see what you do with it.

Huge Thanks to Apple, and Huge Thanks to you!

See the full list of incredible apps at

Download Concepts for iPad

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