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Between Worlds

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Andres Amador designs brilliant, one-of-a-kind, temporary earthscapes on the beaches of San Francisco. We asked if he'd be willing to share some of his experiences designing the artwork that will be featured in an upcoming (and gorgeous) film and hardcover book with collaborator and photographer Jason Henthorne and award-winning director Brad Kremer. The project is called Between Worlds, and it is currently on Kickstarter.

Andres Amador Between Worlds

For this project I wanted what I made to feel harmonious with the location. I would have design potentials that I was working on, but applying them to a specific location was challenging. Not only were we often arriving at new beaches that I had never visited before, and whose shape and features I was not familiar with, but the beaches were shifting during the weeks of filming, so that even if we used the same beach, it would have changed in some way. During several trips we were hit with storms, which could radically alter the look of a beach. The upshot is that I was designing on the fly.

I would take a photo with my iPad from the photographer's vantage point and then draw directly on it, each layer a new possibility. These options I would share with Jason Henthorne (my photographer partner) and then go through a bit of refining. The sketches were essential for conveying to Jason my thoughts. By the end of the project we were able to talk a language of designs and shapes and themes and quickly arrive at what would work well in a location.

Between Worlds in Concepts

In this drawing, Jason chose this rock as the focal point, so it was the element I needed to work with. I tried many variations of the design and then went with a very simple approach. In general, this project got me to dramatically simplify. Part of that was matching the tenor of Jason's photography, part of it was to make legible my large scale work when Jason could often not get up very high.

The end result is a stunning film and book celebrating the power, serenity, and changing natures of the earth, sea and sky, and our temporary yet beautiful existence among them. Visit their Kickstarter project for more pictures and information, and get involved!

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